Project Services

EFB offers a wide range of services to the customer. Equipment can be supplied on flange-to flange or complete "turnkey" bases.

Lab Testing
Laboratory studies are made to analyze the customer's pollutant for physical and electrical properties. Gravel from local sources can be evaluated for suitability in the EFB.

Pilot Testing
Pilot scale EFB units with capacity up to 2000 cfm are available for in-plant testing. They provide all engineering data required for design of full scale units, and allow first hand customer evaluation of performance.

System Design
EFB's staff works with the customer to achieve a system design suitable for their plant. Gas flow, pressure and temperature, EFB equipment and controls, auxiliary equipment, procedures and maintenance schedules are established to coordinate with the customer's plant operation.

EFB engineers determine the equipment layout and provide complete mechanical and electrical drawings for the project.

EFB utilizes its own and subcontracted workshops for steel fabrication and electrical assembly. Much of the work can be done at shops local to the user.

Units are shipped in shop assembled modules by standard truck carriers.

No field fabrication of the EFB is required. Structural steel assembly takes place at the job site. Preassembled filter modules are lifted by cranes from the truck and placed on the structure. Then ducting and electrical connections are made. The EFB site manager advises the customer concerning site preparation, inspection of foundations and utilities, hiring of cranes and local erection crews.

Experienced engineers check all mechanical and electrical functions and adjust all controls for optimum performance. Training of the customer's personnel takes place during this period.

EFB maintains a trained service staff in the US and in Europe to provide prompt onsite service.