The Electrified Filter Bed (EFB®), developed by EFB, Inc. is a unique air pollution control system for the removal of fine particulate matter and condensable hydrocarbons from industrial exhaust gases. After being ionized, pollutant is separated from the gas stream and deposited electrostatically on the surface of pea-sized gravel. This results in high filtration efficiency unmatched by other devices.

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EFB, Inc. since its inception in 1977, has been solely dedicated to the commercialization of the Electrified Filter Bed (EFB®) technology. Fundamentals were developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge Massachusetts by the current EFB, Inc. director Dr. Karim Zahedi. Beginning with research experience, the equipment design has proceeded with the fundamental theories of operation always in mind.

The result is a product optimized for performance and cost, and custom engineered for the application at hand. Patent coverage ensures that EFB, Inc. is and will be the exclusive supplier of this high performance technology.

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